Learn about all your Cancer Treatment options, plus a range of other measures you can take to recover from cancer as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

This site features:Cancer Tests and Treatment Options
1. Details of all standard, alternative & complementary Cancer Treatments.
2. A list of specialist cancer treatment clinics and hospitals.
3. Vital questions to ask your Dr. before starting any cancer treatment.
4. Life-saving Tests you probably never heard about.
5. Twelve things you can do to help with recovery (in addition to treatment).
6. Cancer Recurrence – what survivors need to know.
7. Cancer Prevention tips.

This info comes from a variety of credible sources including Oncologists, Doctors, Patients, Scientists, Researchers and Medical Journals.

Sadly, most of this information is NOT provided by any organisation in Ireland (including the Irish Cancer Society). That’s why this site exists.

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